After re-opening of the universities following the Cultural Revolution in 1981, Shahid Labbafi Nedjad Educational Hospital began its mission, and gradually with preparing equipment and machinery, it continued its upward movement. The hospital began a new move by recruiting committed medical specialists who had returned to the country to help the nation following the Islamic Revolution in 1979. From the very beginning, serving the war wounded patients, and helping the chemically attacked were among the top priorities of activities of this hospital, so that the hospital beds had been basically devoted to serving those wounded in the imposed war with Iraq. The trend continued till the end of the war. The director of the hospital is Dr. Hamid Sohrab Pour who has been directing the hospital since its mission started.

At the same time when the hospital began its mission, the preliminary steps were taken to integrate it with education and training. Shahid Labbafi Nedjad Educational Hospital was a part of the educational units of the then Ministry of Health and it was then affiliated to late Taleghani Faculty, and later to the Qods School of Medicine. Finally, following the establishment of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the hospital was affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Currently, the hospital is one of the hospitals affiliated to the Social Security Organization (Social Welfare Organization); yet, it is academically supervised by Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. The hospital is academically approved by the Office of Medical and specialized Council, and a wide range of students from post- specialty and specialty assistants to graduate students and trainees are being educated there. Thanks to God, the faculty and committed specialists, Shahid Labbafi Nedjad Educational Hospital has taken great and stable steps in improving the scientific and educational objectives in the nation, and has been converted into one of the greatest educational centers in the Islamic Republic of Iran.